Our Services

Uncertainty Quantification & Machine Learning Consulting

Risk & Reliability Analysis

We offer our extensive portfolio of tools for the assessment of risk and reliability of existing and perspective systems.

From advanced probabilistic methods, to state-of-the-art AI-powered reliability analysis, we hel our customers to identify the most effective and cost-efficient solution for their specific needs.

Uncertainty Quantification

Uncertainty permeates every step decision making and engineering design processes. We provide unparalleled expertise in research and application of state-of-the art techniques, from some of the very pioneers of the field.

We guide our clients in the process of understanding, modelling and managing uncertainty, with advanced tools like Monte-Carlo simulation, surrogate models, sensitivity analysis and much more.

Data Science

Data science gets all the hype these days, and often for good reasons.
We are at the forefront of data science, with a strong focus on probabilistic data modelling, and strong learners.

We offer unparalleled expertise in helping our clients to understand, interpret and learn from their valuable data, no matter how little.

Uncertainty and Software Training

All of our senior partners have an Academic upbringing at ETH Zurich, one of the top Universities worldwide. We have extensive experience in teaching and training at all levels, from professionals to academics.
And we are the original developers of UQLab, one of the most advanced uncertainty quantification software.

We offer client-centered training courses on:

  • Uncertainty Quantification and applications
  • Uncertainty Quantification hands-on with UQLab
  • Uncertainty Quantification hands-on with Adranis Sigma, our cloud-based uncertainty quantification suite
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    Software Development / IT Consulting

    Custom Frontends / Dashboards

    We bring experience in a variety of tools for delivering modern User Interfaces. We assist our clients in picking the right technology for their use case, ranging from industry standard tools to fully custom solutions.

    We routinely use Grafana and Dash for out of the box dashboards and Angular for custom frontends.

    High Performance Computing Backends

    We can provide several types of HPC backends based on technologies such as: Kubernetes, Apache Airflow, SLURM with endless customization capabilities.

    Design and Implementation of Business Logic

    A critical part in any software solution is the translation of the business requirements into a functional solution.
    We assist our clients throughout this journey including:

    • Translation of requirements into a database model
    • Design of appropriate software solution
    • Implementation

    All of the above are executed with an Agile mindset: Short-term sprints with frequent feedback from the client SCRUM style.


    API Development

    Application Programming Interfaces are standard components nowadays for many modern software solutions.

    Typical API use cases include:

    • As a backend detached from the frontend (ask us about the advantages!)
    • Services that are meant to interface with other software (or advanced end-users)

    We have extensive experience in deploying custom API's for a variety of projects. Make sure to check our case studies!


    SaaS products development

    We assist our clients in the design and development of complete Software-as-a-Service solutions.

    You can find some of our complete projects in our selected case studies page.

    SaaS pricing table example

    Cloud Infrastructure: Deployment and Maintenance

    We assist our clients in harnessing the power of cloud solutions in a variety of ways:

    • Deployment of cloud software
    • Provisioning of custom virtual machines instances or serverless solutons depending on the application
    • Maintenance of cloud infrastructure
    • IT Automation (CI/CD, Infrastructure as a Code)


    Probabilistic Modelling

    Model you data with state-of-the-art statistical methods

    Monte Carlo Simulation

    Deploy advanced simulation methods and sampling strategies

    Sensitivity Analysis

    Identify and act on the parameters that drive your predictions

    Reliability Analysis

    Characterize extremely rare events and the conditions that lead to them

    Surrogate modelling

    Learn complex models from small datasets, and take advantage of interpretable statistical learning

    Bayesian Methods

    Access one of the most powerful inverse modelling tool on the market today

    Product Solutions

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    Asset management

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    Operations & technology

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    Corporate finance

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    Audit services

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