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Meet our Team

Dr. Christos Lataniotis
Managing Partner, Co-Founder
  • Dr. Sc. ETH in uncertainty quantification
  • Core developer of UQLab, lead developer of UQCloud, co-founder Poly-e-Fair
  • Expert in Scientific Software Development and System Administration
Dr. Stefano Marelli
Deputy Managing Partner, Scientific Advisor
  • Dr. Sc. ETH in Geophysics
  • Senior Scientist in ETH Zurich
  • Project manager/lead of the UQLab project (UQLab, UQWorld, UQ[py]Lab)
  • Scientific software design, Linux sysadmin,
    Uncertainty Quantification, Risk Assessment
Prof. Sudret
Prof. Dr Bruno Sudret
Scientific Advisor
  • Dr. Sc. ETH in Civil Engineering
  • Full Professor in ETH Zurich
  • Head of the Chair of Risk, Safety and Uncertainty Quantification
  • Former Director of the Research & Strategy at Phimeca Engineering (FR)
  • Expert in Uncertainty Quantification, Reliability and Risk Analysis
Dr. Dehua Zhu
Business and scientific advisor, Co-Founder
  • Dr. Sc. ETH / CERN in particle physics
  • Managing Director of www.eth-gethired.ch (2017 – 2019), founder of PolyHACK
  • Expert in Scientific Software Development and Business Strategy
Pirmin Berger
Associate Partner
  • Dr. Sc. ETH / CERN in Particle Physics 
  • ETH Medal and CMS Detector award for distinct scientific contributions
  • Expert in Scientific Software Development and HPC System Engineering
Mara Pasquali
Associate Partner
  • Swiss, living in Lausanne
  • CAS in Data Science & Management at EPFL/UniL, Bachelor in Business Administration & E-commerce
  • 20 years of experience in Marketing, Communications & Management positions, 5 years as Chief Marketing Officer at JobCloud
Alexander Löwe
Junior Full Stack Developer
  • German, living in Zurich
  • Prosp. BSc ZHAW in Computer Science

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